Is it possible to live a healthy life in a toxic world? Yes, but it takes a bit of effort.

Non-toxic living is something which we all need to explore more than ever as our exposure to the harmful effects of chemicals are on the increase. There are 1-2,000 new chemicals produced every year.

What has gone wrong with our world? A lot! But in terms of our environment and toxicity, I certainly don’t remember it being much of an issue growing up! If we, and our governments, had taken notice of their concerns back then – non-toxic living would not be such an issue today.

Nowadays non-toxic living is firmly on our minds. We are reminded constantly of the dangers to our planet, to our body, to our animals, to our food and water – and to our children.

Diseases are on the increase in our society. Toxins from chemicals, foods, and water is the reason why so many of us our suffering from illnesses, disorders and diseases.

Today we are subjected to over 100,000 man-made chemicals. 80,000 of which have been created in the last 50 years!

Well, quite simply, it is our right to live in an environment that provides:

  • Clean, pure, air to breathe
  • Organic foods to eat
  • Non polluted water to drink
  • Toiletries, household detergents, and cosmetics that are chemically free; and
  • Non-contaminated products that we use on a daily basis

Most people believe that by reducing the energy we use and the amount of waste we produce is enough to save our planet. It is true that this will help. However, the worrying amount of man-made chemicals will destroy us first!

Here is a non-toxic living nightmare:

  • Thousands of tonnes of chemicals are used in our everyday products – as well as the obvious toiletries and cleaning detergents they are also found in TVs and soft furnishings! A huge proportion of these chemicals have not even been tested for safety!
  • 80,000 new chemicals are man-made. These chemicals have been created in the last 50 years and many of them have escaped into the environment. 300 of these have been found in the bodies of humans and animals.
  • Some harmful chemicals are now polluting remote areas such as the Arctic. Our polar bears, whales and the indigenous Inuit people are under threat.
  • Unborn babies and animals are now being affected by chemicals passed on from their mothers.
  • Despite these hazards, chemical-manufacturing companies are not required to prove that their products are safe before they are used or sold.

What Does The Future Hold For Non-Toxic Living?

We are evolving into a new era of healthcare. We will no longer look to our governments and doctors to provide us with answers to our health problems. We want to learn more about our world and how it affects our bodies. We must protect ourselves, and our children, from a_ toxic catastrophe.

There are more than enough natural health remedies available or us to live super healthy lives. We don’t need or want chemicals in our food, toiletries, and cosmetics – or in our world….

….Mother Nature does not approve!

All of us can make a difference by not purchasing any toxic products, or at least greatly reducing the amount we us. We can protect ourselves by using products that contain only natural ingredients. These products tend to be more costly. However, this will change as more companies replace their toxic ingredients with natural ingredients. As consumers we demand it – want it – deserve it!

Though more time consuming, you can make your own natural products and remedies using plants and organic food. This can be more cost-effective too. Reaquaint yourself with nature – learn to grow and nurture plants and foods that you can use in a variety of ways for your body and your home.

YOU can make a difference. There is so much you can do before it is too late! Non toxic living is much easier than you might think. Our free Non- Toxic Living Guide could save your life.

Put your non-toxic living plan into action today and live a natural, healthy, life – the way we are meant to.

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