When undertaking the plastic-free journey, you are never alone. There are many people who are on their way to living with less plastic and helping to reduce its effect on the environment.

However, the transition to living plastic-free isn’t necessarily an easy one.

Most of my friends will tell you (and I would tend to agree with them) that I have probably gone a bit overboard on the “no plastic” thing. So sue me, finding different ways to do things is a challenge and it is one I enjoy. It gives me something to do.

It is amazing the things you never think about until you have a reason to. I never realized how much the presence of plastic has completely inundated our lives and surroundings. It is pretty much impossible to go completely “plastic free”. The keyboard I am typing on is made of plastic, my telephone is plastic, the list goes on and on. Even when I try to be conscientious and research what I am buying – the plastic sneaks up on me. Just the other day I purchased a bottle of olive oil. It was in a glass bottle with a metal lid…I thought I was doing well. I got it home and opened it to find a plastic pouring spout hiding under the metal lid.

Not that I think that the plastic pouring spout (not that alone, anyway) is going to give me cancer or destroy our planet, it is just that it proves the point that you cannot get away from plastic in today’s society.

Several research studies have found that when plastic comes in contact with certain foods, molecules of the chemicals in the plastic can leach into the food or beverage.

Certain characteristics of the food item can make it more likely pick up plastic molecules:

The more liquid a food is, the more it touches the plastic, so the more opportunity it has to pick up plastic molecules.

Acid foods, such as tomato sauce, appear to be particularly interactive with plastic.

If you heat a food item in a plastic container-even if the container is microwave safe-the transference of plastic from the container to the food is even more likely.

When molecules of plastic-or more properly, molecules of the chemicals that get added to plastics during manufacturing-get into our bodies, it’s not a good thing. They can cause unwanted effects in the human body.

My reasons to avoid plastic:

We are trying not to lead a disposable life

Plastic isn’t very “classy” – my opinion only

The feel of plastic is usually “cheap”

Less plastic = less petroleum usage = less dependence on the middle east Plastic contains carcinogens

Plastic has become one of the most harmful materials to our environment.

From polluting oceans and harming wildlife, to filling up landfills for decades without decomposing, this material is having devastating short term and long term effects on our planet.

The main culprits are the companies producing these products. Plastic is cheap, economical, and easy to mold, so it’s no wonder its use is so rampant.

Our society has become increasingly dependent on plastic products, so making the shift to living with less plastic (and, eventually, living plastic- free) can be a challenge.

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